About Us

Raunchy came into existence in 2004. It started as a means to an end. We needed our clothes to have certain images and colors that we could not find in the market at the time. The clothing began to get recognized by our peers and that is when the business grew wings and took off. We are here to spread our love worldwide.

Thought Process:
Raunchy is inspired by real life situations, absorbed culture, and observed gaps in today’s fashion. We’re not here to reinvent the wheel, but instead, provide some Armor-All for that wheel.

[rawn-chee, rahn-]

1. Vulgar; crude; obscene
2. Dirty; slovenly; grubby; nasty

• the youth have a way a flipping words by giving them new meanings which tend to be opposite of their original intentions.
• same thinking applies here, not “bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good.”
• so, RAUNCHY no longer represents nasty in its true essence but NASTY in its slang essence.


Why the Vulture?

• What better animal represents the word Raunchy at face value more than “the vulture?”
   - an ugly bird of prey
   - diet consists of mostly disgusting leftovers

• The vulture is the perfect physical representation of Raunchy because it’s a dirty bird that eats decaying flesh and pisses itself. It’s literally a raunchy animal.

• The vulture is such a nasty bird that it has a very poor reputation and its good attributes are often ignored.

• Vultures are team (family) oriented and they’re caretakers.
   - They eat together
   - They keep their community clean
   - Those two components are the building blocks of the Raunchy Clothing brand

• Reeky Beaky is the head vulture in charge and he wears his varsity jacket all-year-round. Reeky is the cornerstone member of the Raunchy team. He also goes by the name Reek Bills.


• two words with negative connotations put together to form a fresh, positive product

• just like you learned in math class when you were younger, a negative times a negative equals a positive result

• RAUNCHY is here to independently provide fresh clothing while showing you that you don’t need the help of the big wigs to make contemporary streetwear

• making garments locally, proving that you can make the best of your environment, and even improve it, just like vultures do